Popessa's concept

Fast food reinvented

La Popessa will please everyone’s taste buds with fresh pasta and sauces that bring together a multitude of ingredients to provide rich flavors inspired from around the globe. With its unique formula, La Popessa reinvents fast food by offering products worthy of the greatest chefs, and at a fraction of the price.

Enjoy all the benefits of healthy products

We care about health and healthy products, so we make our pasta fresh and our sauces from scratch the old fashion way, no additives, dyes, preservatives or trans fats according to our secret recipes.

La Popessa’s own proven formula enables us to offer flawless quality fresh food. Our service is impeccable and the choices we offer are truly unique. Starting from 20 types of pasta, 39 sauces and many extras, the possibilities are simply endless. The Popessa also offers drinks of all kinds, including a selection of wines by the glass, as well as salads, soups and paninis.

To experience La Popessa is to enjoy a pasta dish, prepared fast and well, according to your own taste and your own imagination, all in a warm friendly atmosphere.


Regular penne or spaghettini with choice of,

one of our 7 tasty sauces /
Dessert of the day / Beverage



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