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The first restaurant La Popessa was born January 22, 1998 in Montreal in the heart of le Plateau on St-Denis St..
After graduating from the Hospitality Institute of Quebec (Institut de l’Hôtellerie du Québec ) and after a 27-year career as restaurant director of the Hippodrome de Montreal, Michel Bourdages had the great idea to start the first Popessa.
This idea came to him when he discovered that there was an unmet need among dynamic busy people to eat well even when in a hurry. They needed hot, healthy dishes, good for body and soul and prepared quickly. Since fast food is not exactly the healthiest of choices, Michel thought that at the dawn of the 21st century, it should surely be possible to offer something better to people.
Since pasta is the a food choice for many and himself a great lover of this kind of dish, Michel took on the challenge of providing fresh pasta fast. He bought his first pasta machine and did a few tests for over a year to finally "discover" the kind of pasta with the taste and texture he wanted. La Popessa was born! The rest is shall we say: history! All equipment was designed so that a cook can serve four clients in three minutes, in only six movements.
Following the runaway success of La Popessa, Michel and his team founded the first factory to make pasta and sauces thus enabling the Popessa concept to be franchised. In 2005, the first franchise opened in Quebec in the district of Ste-Foy, and now we proudly have a network of 17 franchises in the greater Montreal and Quebec, strive to put together the endless variations that allow the 20 pasta kinds and the 39 sauces to delight our enthusiastic customers.


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