Become a partner

Our mission is summed up in four main objectives:

  • operate our network on a basis of transparency and integrity;
  • support our franchisees with quality comprehensive services;
  • continue our research to improve the concept;
  • To listen to our associates.


To join The Popessa Team is to become partner in a growing healthy financial system, while participating in the success of the entire network.
As a franchisor, we strive to implement appropriate steps to ensure your success by:

  • quality training to facilitate and optimize your integration within the network;
  • support for the opening of each new franchise to ensure the success of your start-up phase, including:
  • the presence of management at the launch of your institution
  • support of our operations team
  • participation to initial promotional and advertising activities
  • continuing education on demand, to maintain the level of knowledge required to ensure the concept quality;
  • marketing support to maximize our visibility with customers;
  • management support on request to ensure the financial health of your institution;
  • an ongoing program in research and development to maintain the competitive position of our chain in terms of quality and innovation of its product.


    If you believe that:

  • you have great communication skills
  • you have good management concepts
  • you are a good operator who can implement and enforce already established and proven standards
  • you're ready to invest in a company without fear of long work hours
  • you are passionate about the food business
    ... it is high time to join our team!
    Contact Mr.Michel Bourdages at michel@popessa.ca , email for more information about the franchising process.


Regular penne or spaghettini with choice of,

one of our 7 tasty sauces /
Dessert of the day / Beverage


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